EST. 2012, REVIVED AS OF 2020

Below you will find the ranks that the MMC clan utilizes. These are the ranks of the US Army that we have integrated into our operations. They are organized from the highest rank to the lowest rank. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment below.

Notice: Be advised that we are NOT using warrant officer ranks.

     Commissioned Officers (COs)

- General
- Lieutenant General
- Major General
- Brigadier General
- Colonel
- Lieutenant Colonel
- Major
- Captain
- First Lieutenant
- Second Lieutenant

     Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

- Sergeant Major of the Army
- Command Sergeant Major
- Sergeant Major
- First Sergeant
- Master Sergeant
- Sergeant First Class
- Staff Sergeant
- Sergeant


- Corporal
- Specialist
- Private First Class
- Private II
- Private I (No Insignia)