Morals are the invention of social constructs. Laws & rules are passed for moral reasons and morality derives from emotional stimulation. Not a single living organism can speak on behalf of the will of the universe. As far as we are concerned, everything else is just human nature. We will do whatever is necessary to achieve victory, whether it's through traditional means or the extreme unorthodox. 


Good & Evil tie into morality and obviously our ideas for the two subjects are mutual. Good people can do bad things, bad people can do good things. The world is not as black and white as the mainstream dogmatic perspective would like it to be. Itami does not identify itself as either, all that matters is victory.


Itami does not have any Rules of Engagement. All that stand in the way of this faction's interests and goals will be eradicated, those that propagate and twist our message will be silenced and those that challenge us will be slaughtered. No prisoners will be taken and no mercy will be given. Our members are all in and we expect the same of our enemies. Victory will be achieved.