T H E   H U M A N   M Y S T E R Y 


     If one is to understand the great mystery then they will need to examine all of the evidence to it's being and not just a narrow minded idea. Sometimes this includes looking at some ideas that to some might seem outright crazy. No matter the cost though, we here at BlvxkByrd Research seek only the truth and we are fully prepared to gather all evidence in pursuit of it.

     This webpage is solely dedicated to displaying all of our articles and research projects exploring something we; despite thinking otherwise; know very little about. Ourselves.


     There may be disturbing/ graphic content listed and/ or included within any of the listed content on this webpage. Some viewers may find this material to be uncomfortable. In our pursuit for the truth we will embrace and examine all ideas and theories we come across. Some of these ideas and theories may be far from the truth and unless otherwise stated, everything here shouldn't be taken so seriously. All of our sources will be properly cited and we will work hard to separate fact from fiction.

     Additionally, this website allows all users that register and log-in to be able to publish their own written articles for everybody who visits the website to see. You may or may not encounter articles published by people that will attempt to jab at your religions and beliefs. We allow freedom of speech here and ask from all of our visitors/ readers that they keep an open mind however if you find anything that you deem as purely hate speech (abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation) then do make the official staff of this website aware by submitting a complaint and we will review the nature of the complaint.

     If the staff find that your complaint is justified and the content you reported has no real purpose other than to sabotage and hurt the image of another religion or belief then we will move swiftly in removing the content in question.