Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd the Enfymouz

     My about page! A page where I can express myself and shit. The best thing about being me is that I'm Blackbird. So, below you will find mostly information that answers the more frequent questions I get from randoms. I am still extremely private with my personal life & I simply ask that you respect that. I will also post random pictures and memes that I wish to show off and are relevant to what I do and to who I speak with, so do not fret if you don't understand.

     I am Blackbird (Lord Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd the Enfymouz) and an alias I use alot is Iraq Lobster. I am a US Army veteran with a career in military and private security work. I currently attend school where I am in pursuit of my associates in Psychology. I am married to the most beautiful woman to have ever graced this planet with her presence (You asked who my goddess was from my quote "All For My Goddess" I use for my status, this is who goddess refers to) and I have no kids, don't want any.

     I have interests in everything from science and technology to nature. I enjoy smoking a cigar with a drink in hand and looking into the fire. Watching the flames bounce on the walls as I reflect on how the earliest humans would have looked into the fire in their caves after coming back from hunting in the night as a snow storm raged. Thinking about the spiritual connection they had with each other and nature.

     I have a very small circle of friends and I much prefer my time spent alone. My career has allowed me to meet and work for many people, including those who of certain positions of power that I have become good friends with so even in the real world my god complex might be very strong. While egotistical, I am careful. I am always kind to those that I meet and I expect the same respect in return. If we meet and I do not like you, I will make it very well known. I am extremely stubborn and if challenged I will accept. Due to me being bipolar among other things, I can appear to be an entirely different person from when we last met.

     I am not religious but rather spiritual. I do not believe fate is predetermined and every person is entitled to freedom of will and can use it to control the paths in life they take.

     My favorite quotes:

     1.) They will show you no mercy. Give none in return. ~ Unknown
     2.) I think the media is flaming this more than Joe Biden is, he doesn't even know he's alive. ~ Donald J. Trump, POTUS

     Full Metal Panic is the greatest anime ever created.

     Some random shit I like to brag about myself:

     My blood type is A Negative and I'm RH-, which is especially more interesting as I am a male. It's common in females. (There's a whole confusion about it and conspiracy theorists claim we're alien hybrids). A contributing point is that our alien creators altered our DNA so we couldn't breed with regular humans. Females who are RH- need a special shot during pregnancy or their bodies will treat the baby as a parasite and kill it. People with this blood type also have extremely powerful immune systems. I can vouch for that.