Code of Conduct

     Below you will find an extensive collection featuring a library of Liquid Skyy’s official rules & regulations for all LS properties. All are obliged to everything listed on this webpage and are subject to face punishment for any violations unless otherwise stated. The documentation presented here may be modified at given time with or without notice.

     By interacting with any of our properties in any way, you agree to our Code of Conduct.

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     Rules and regulations for staff members can be found in the staff section.

Website Regulations for Visitors


          A:I.0 -


          A:2.0 -

Discord Regulations for Visitors

     Behavioral Expectations:

          B:I.0 - Excessive profanity is prohibited

          B:1.1 - Excessive use of capitalizations, emojis and/ or special characters of any kind will not be tolerated

          B:1.2 - Hate speech, bullying and defamation of any sort is strictly prohibited

          B:1.3 - Be respectful

     Cyber Warfare:

          B:2.0 - Logging/ extracting data of any kind from other users without consent is strictly prohibited

          B:2.1 - Malicious entities of any kind are strictly prohibited

          B:2.2 - Recording other users in voice/ video chat is acceptable unless evidence of malicious intent is observed


          B:3.0 - Child pornography is strictly prohibited, no exceptions will be made. Appropriate authorities will be notified

          B:3.1 - Disturbing content (I.E. legitimate rape footage, mutilation, murder, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Appropriate authorities will be notified if necessary

          B:3.2 - Accepted content will be appropriately posted in their designated locations and out of public view

Discord Roles Guide for Visitors

     The documented roles listed here are organized, top to bottom, from most prestigious to least.

     To obtain exclusive roles, message an administrator.