Code of Conduct

     The following rules & regulations are to be obliged by all entities within the community. They apply to the website, Discord server and all other owned or associated properties unless otherwise stated. Please note all associated properties independent from any unclaimed property from this website's own are reserved to their own operation and may or may not have any correlation with our own operations.

     All entities present in any of our properties or using any of our services and products will not be discriminated against regardless of skin color, race, ethnicity or anything else. All entities reserve the right to freedom of speech. All previously stated entities will only be punished once for each offense however the one punishment for each offense may not be limited to just one punishment. (Example: Breaking a rule may result in a ban from both the website and the Discord Server(s) but once the punishment is issued, you will not be punished once more for the same offense).

     Clashing perceptions of the translated meanings to anything stated on this webpage will always favor the staff or anyone taking the side of this website ( and all of it's properties.

     By using any of our products or services you agree with everything displayed on this webpage. Being present in any of our intellectual properties (I.E. Discord Servers, Website, etc.), past or present, also constitutes using our services or products. Everything stated on this webpage in it's entirety are for the safety of all members and associates in addition to keeping order.

     If you feel any of these rules aren't fair or need to be adjusted, you may write an appeal. All entities are subject to punishment when and if suspected of our Code of Conduct being violated. Appeals can be filed here:


     If you are in need of an advisor, translator or any assistance what so ever in understanding everything presented in this Code of Conduct then you may enter our Discord server and speak with a staff member. We will do everything within our power to ensure clear communication and that you have a complete understanding of this Code of Conduct.

     Si necesita un asesor, traductor o cualquier tipo de ayuda para comprender todo lo que se presenta en este Código de conducta, puede ingresar a nuestro servidor de Discord y hablar con un miembro del personal. Haremos todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance para garantizar una comunicación clara y que comprenda completamente este Código de conducta.

     Если вам нужен советник, переводчик или какая-либо помощь в понимании всего, что изложено в этом Кодексе поведения, вы можете войти на наш сервер Discord и поговорить с сотрудником. Мы сделаем все, что в наших силах, чтобы обеспечить четкое общение и чтобы вы полностью понимали этот Кодекс поведения. Взаимодействие с другими людьми

     この行動規範に示されているすべてを理解する上で、アドバイザー、翻訳者、または支援が必要な場合は、Discordサーバーに入り、スタッフと話すことができます。 私たちは、明確なコミュニケーションを確保し、あなたがこの行動規範を完全に理解できるように、私たちの力の範囲内ですべてを行います。

     如果您需要顧問,翻譯或任何幫助以理解本《行為準則》中介紹的所有內容,則可以進入我們的Discord服務器並與工作人員交談。 我們將竭盡所能,以確保進行清晰的溝通,並使您對本《行為準則》有完整的了解。

     Important Notes:
     The term "excess" used throughout this webpage is defined by this Code of Conduct as "Any repetitive action following more than 2".

     All other terms are to be taken literally as they are officially defined by

     Punishments vary and will be up to the discretion of the individual taking action in response to the violator. Length of the issued punishment(s) are also up to the discretion of the issuer. Punishments include but are not limited to:

     - Demotion of roles/ positions
     - Mute in the Discord Server
     - Kick from the Discord Server
     - Ban from the Discord server
     - Ban from the website
     - Information will be submitted to the appropriate authorities

     If you have been issued a punishment you believe to be unfair you may write an appeal using the link above.

     Regulation Corrections:
     Regulation Corrections are different than punishments. A Regulation Correction only seeks to resolve anything that does not meet the specified regulation and the entity at fault will not be punished unless otherwise stated at the discretion of the individual taking action. For example, excess regulatory violations may result in punishment.

     - Published violated content will be edited or deleted

     Regulations Regarding Punishments:

     0.1) Anyone attempting to evade a punishment in any way other than through the officially documented process explained on this Code of Conduct is subject to further punishment. The severity of the punishment is at the discretion of the entity handling your instance.


     IMPORTANT: Any entity submitting an appeal MUST be present in the Liquid Skyy Discord Server in order for a possible resolve.
     Once you complete and fill out your appeal form, it will be reviewed by any staff member with sufficient access to appeal forms. The entity that submitted the appeal form and is also present in the Discord server will be moved into a private channel where they will make their case with supporting evidence (Photos, videos, witnesses) and convince the staff members as to why they believe their punishment is unfair and should be revoked. If their appeal request has been denied, that entity may submit only one more appeal form after a 7 day period. Any forms submitted before the 7 day period is over will count as your second appeal form and will immediately be rejected.

      All entities are encouraged to review this webpage in full and build up a strong case before submitting an appeal. This will better your chances of getting it approved. Evidence is also strongly suggested. If little to no evidence to support your appeal is presented, there may be a very high chance your appeal request will be rejected.

     Age Requirements

     All users must be over the age of 13. Any entity found to be of a lesser age will be banned from the server unless one of the following exceptions are made:

     0.1) The entity that does not meet the specified age requirements has a shared account with an adult/ legal guardian
     0.2) The entity that does not meet the specified age requirements has a parent or legal guardian present in the server
     0.3) The entity that does not meet the specified age requirements has been given an exception personally by a staff member for a valid reason

     Verification of legal guardian/ parental status is mandatory. Failure to provide the necessary evidence to make any exception regarding this matter will result in the immediate banishment of the entity that is in violation of our age requirements. Banishment will only be appealed once the evidence we ask for is handed over to an official staff member.

     Discord Server Rules & Roles

Discord Server Rules

     Rules and Roles of our Discord Servers will be described here. Everything described in this Code of Conduct applies to each and every one of our Discord servers unless otherwise stated. All entities are to follow our Code of Conduct, no exemptions unless otherwise stated. The only entities authorized to make exemptions for violations are anyone/ anything with a "BlvxkByrd" or "Administrator" role.

     1.1) Spam of any kind will not be tolerated
            1.1A) Attempts to raid any of our Discord Servers will not be tolerated (Our servers are heavily protected by bots. The bots will stop you before you can even start and automatically mute you)
     1.2) Excessive use of provocative words will not be tolerated
     1.3) NSFW content will not be tolerated
     1.4) Obtaining/ sharing the IP information and other forms of personal data will not be tolerated
     1.5) Anything posted with malicious ability and/ or intent will not be tolerated
     1.6) Abuse of any of the bots will not be tolerated
     1.7) Bots with malicious ability or intent will not be tolerated
     1.8) Posting illegal or immoral content of any kind will not be tolerated
     1.9) Threats and implied threats to anyone/ anything will not be tolerated
     2.0) Bullying/ abuse against any entities of the server will not tolerated
            2.0A) Joining any of our Discord Servers only to start trouble or cause a scene will not be tolerated

     Discord Server Giveaway Rules:

     2.1) Any entity caught cheating in any way to better their chances of winning will be disqualified
            2.1A) Special Protocol: Alternate accounts will also be removed from the giveaway. If somehow the violator still manages to win, their prize will be given out to another entity picked at random.
            2.1B) Any entity that has any active punishments of any sort will not be permitted to enter the giveaway.
     2.2) The prize described in the giveaway will be the prize given away to the winners. Any requests for a prize different in anyway from the prize described will not be negotiated.

     Discord Server Exclusive Role Requirements:

     3.1) In order to qualify for the US Military Veteran role you must supply a photo of your CAC Card or DD214 to a staff member next to your State ID/ Driver's License, you may block out any information however your full name must be visible on both forms of identification.

Discord Server Roles

     All roles within the Discord Server will be described below.

     All of our Discord Servers follow chain of command, meaning anyone in need of help should turn to anyone with the next position higher from their own. (I.E. A staff member won't go to an owner about something small, they would go to the next highest position from their own, which is an administrator. A regular visitor also shouldn't disturb an administrator with small questions, they should ask a staff member.) If the situation is severe enough that it requires someone in a higher position than only then will it be acceptable to turn to someone in a position higher than the next higher position from your own.

     Website Rules/ Regulations

     All of these rules and regulations go for all entities on this website. All entities are subject to punishment even if the entity appears suspicious and hasn't done anything.

     3.1) Abuse of any of the functions on this website will not be tolerated
     3.2) Solicitation/ advertising without authorization from the appropriate authority will not be tolerated
     3.3) Impersonation will not be tolerated
     3.4) Account sharing will not be tolerated
     3.5) Hacking and/ or cyber attacks will not be tolerated
     3.6) Excess regulation violations will not be tolerated
     3.7) Using any feature or function on this website other than it's intended purpose will not be tolerated

     Website Regulations:

     4.1) All articles published by any entity must have the following in order to be allowed to remain on this website:

             - A short title
             - A short excerpt that summarizes the article at hand
             - A preview image
             - Template must be marked as "Elementor Full Width"
             - A clean header, body and footer
             - Embedded content must be reasonably sized and centered

     4.2) Embedded audio with no play/stop feature will not be tolerated
     4.3) PG-13 Content is all that will be tolerated to be made public. Anything rated above PG-13 will be required to be password protected. This website will be using the Motion Picture Association Film Ratings:

             - G: Suitable for everyone.
             - PG: Material might not be suitable for children.
             - PG13: Material might not be suitable for children under 13.
             - R: No.

     4.4) Content being password protected for the reason of being Rated R will all share the same password. That password is: YesIam18
     4.5) Password protecting published content for no legitimate reason will not be permitted
     4.6) Content expressing ideas of inflicting violence, terrorism, assassination plots or anything else that fits into that category will not be tolerated
     4.7) Content that serves no other purpose other than to belittle any entity, religion, race or ethnicity will not be tolerated
     4.8) Any content containing news, research or historical accuracy must have proper citations

     Staff Rules & Regulations

     All of the rules and regulations listed below apply to staff members only.
     You may find out how the process of joining our staff team works as well as an application form here:

     5.1) Abuse of your power will not be tolerated
     5.2) Absolutely no sharing anything from staff only areas
     5.3) Discrimination & bias will not be tolerated
     5.4) Sharing any information about any users on the website will not be tolerated
     5.5) Staff are to follow chain of command. If any of the 3 owners (Lisabeth Marie, Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd and iSpyder) are not available then the next individual in charge in an administrator
            5.5A) Staff members cannot override the actions of another staff member. Only an administrator can override staff member actions. Only the owners can override administration. Only majority vote from both staff members and administrators can override actions taken by an owner
     5.6) It is strongly suggested that all members of the staff team resort to muting rule violators instead of banning/ kicking