EST. 2012, REVIVED AS OF 2020

     Below you will find our Code of Conduct. All members are to follow this exactly as it's written. Failure to oblige by the COC will result in the possible following punishments depending on the severity:

     - Suspension from Clan Activities
     - Demotion
     - Discharge from the Clan

     All members have the right to a trial and someone to represent them in their case if they feel they need the assistance. Trials will be judged by a trusted CO only and there will be no jury. After a judge has made his or her decision it will be handed to 2 other officers to look over the case and ensure that there is no bias in the judgement.

     In the event there is, the case will be dropped and the soldier in question will be found not-guilty. No member may ever be subject to double jeopardy. Cases will be judged purely on evidence and this may include but will not be limited to eye-witnesses, character witnesses, screenshots/ photos and videos.


     1.) If any members are in need of assistance in any form they will seek out the highest rank above theirs. If the issue at hand cannot be dealt with by them then they will take the problem to the attention of the next highest rank. At no point should any enlisted personnel confront a CO with their issues.

     2.) All clan members have the right to disobey unreasonable orders.