Banned Members

     The following individuals have been banned from either the website and/ or the community. Listed along with their names and alias' includes the type of banishment, length of banishment, the reason contributing to their banishment and what they've been banned from.

     1.) Name: Buzzard
            Alias(s): N/A
            Banishment Type: Permabanned
            Ban Issued On: 05/07/2017
            Platforms Banished From: Discord Server
            Reason For Ban: Slander, distributing propaganda.

     1.) Name: Relzski
            Alias(s): N/A
            Banishment Type: Permabanned w/o Any Chance of Appeal
            Ban Issued On: 10/20/2021
            Platforms Banished From: Discord Server
            Reason For Ban:
     Will aggressively lash out at anyone that says anything she considers to be remotely insulting. Does not get along with other members in the server and over-dramatic. Dangerously mentally unstable with extreme levels of uncontrollable anger, she has shown to go to what is to be considered extreme lengths given her available resources (mostly just 2 friends she cries to and has make attempts to troll the server and once a staff member in which she tried to seize control of the server) to cause as much pain and damage as possible to whoever hurt her feelings.

     P.S. - She is notorious for telling other people to get off Discord and to go outside and "touch grass" despite being on Discord for great lengths of time herself and spending much of that time reporting all those that make her mad to them, even if it means interupting their talks and photo shares of their favorite Lego builds or whatever that was. Keep in mind she had also quit her job stocking shelves at some mall store to "focus on herself" (She literally did nothing but go out partying) and this same individual had the nerve to try and tell me, someone who is in college and making 100k a year in private security, to go outside more.

     In case you have not noticed, her ignorance, hypocrisy and childish remarks has me irritated a bit, especially after they told me to join the GC to "defend my honor"... To defend my honor on Discord from lost 21 year olds who think sex is the epitome of everything life has to offer. That was about the point I lost all hope they'd be capable of demonstrating anything close to intelligent thought.

     All staff in the server are to ban anyone who demonstrates behavior like this without hesitation, I don't want this mindless drama in my server.