B A N N E D     M E M B E R S

     The following individuals have been banned from either the website and/ or the community. Listed along with their names and alias' includes the type of banishment, length of banishment, the reason contributing to their banishment and what they've been banned from.

     1.) Name: Buzzard
            Alias(s): N/A
            Banishment Type: Temporary
            Ban Issued On: 05/07/2017
            Ban Resolved On: 05/07/2027
            Platforms Banished From: Discord Server
            Reason For Ban: Slander, distributing propaganda.

     2.) Name: Tethys, "Queen of the Splashes"
            Alias(s): Snowie
            Banishment Type: Permanent
            Ban Issued On: 01/01/2012
            Ban Resolved On: N/A
            Platforms Banished From: Discord Server, Website
            Reason For Ban: A war criminal that has committed countless atrocities during the 2011 GSA-EKAT wars. Guilty of nearly every crime there's a law for.