B L V X K B Y R D    R E S E A R C H

     About the Website

     This website was created as a personal blog for myself to publish articles I create about topics I find to be interesting as well as investigate and research other topics otherwise deemed by modern standards to be nothing more than pseudoscience. I do also intend for others to not only be able to contribute to the articles I write but also write and publish their own.

     In addition to that, I do find other uses with this website from time to time such as using it as a platform for advertising either my own projects or anyone else's I associate with, experimenting with web development and testing out new ideas and much more.

     What Is Liquid Skyy?

     Liquid Skyy is our gaming community hosted through Discord. Founded in 2016 by Lisabeth Marie, you will find it is as rich in history as it is in diversity.

     About the Owner

     I have gone by the online screen name "Blackbird" since 2011 and named myself after the SR-71 Blackbird. I am a perfectionist with an active, open mind and wish to taste everything life has to offer. I enjoy everything associated with aviation, history and exploration. I am a United States Army Veteran and built a rewarding career for myself in private security.

     "Lord Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd the Enfymouz" Originally this was created to mock an old rival of mine, Lord Gigoto the Gallant. However even after our rivalry concluded with my victory, I kept the name as I had developed a liking for it overtime.

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