Below you will find a detailed archive of our community’s deep history. To reduce the number of content on this website and for your convenience, all information has been posted and organized on this webpage.

Table of Contents:

  1. General Information; an overview of information relating to the community & it’s identity
  2. History; Our history recorded in a well-written biography
  3. Cyklone War Records; An archive of the wars fought when this community was a clan
  4. Other; Various information


General Information:

Community Name: Skyy Continuum

Previous Community Names:

  • Open Skyy (April 2016 – January 2019)
  • Liquid Skyy (January 2019 – March 2020) 

Community Age: 4 Years 

Community Founders: Ensydeouz Blvxkbyrd the Enfymouz, Lisabeth Marie the Magnificent, iSpyder the Spectacular

Community Leaders: Gott Bry von Deutschland

Community Birth Date: April 4th, 2016

Community Objective:To serve as an exotic, private and all-professional gaming clan while also promoting good sportsmanship between gamers alike. Additionally, demonstrate quality over quantity and fulfilling the final objectives Sheep’s Itami Clan couldn’t accomplish.SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED

New Objective:Serve as social faction while promoting freedom, fairness and equality to all people alike.

Community Colors: Cyan, Black & White

Community Logos:

Community Motto: “Conquer the unknown”

Community Symbolism:

  • Super-scripted Seven (⁷): Before Liquid Skyy was Cyklone. Cyklone was a clan obsessed with perfection and obliged by the quote “quality over quantity”. The number 7 in ancient egypt was a symbol of perfection, effectiveness & completeness and thus the number was placed alongside the name of the clan. The number has carried over to the clan’s predecessor, which is now Liquid Skyy. 

Annual Acceptance Rate:

Because of the Cyklone Clan’s strict “quality of quantity” policy, it became one of the hardest clans to join and a person’s chances of joining got slimmer with each year.

  • 16.7% of applicants accepted (2016)
  • 14.8% of applicants accepted (2017)
  • 7.6% of applicants accepted (2018)
  • Liquid Skyy is no longer a private clan and made into a community (2019)

Joining Status: Liquid Skyy is now a public community.




     Cyklone was created on April 4th, 2016 and it’s founders being Lisabeth Marie, Blackbird and iSpyder. Cyklone was founded on the ideology of creating a professional, diverse, multi-console gaming faction. When it was first founded it found immediate popularity. It was the center of attention and the clan received several applications, so much so where we had to temporarily stop accepting them just to review the ones we already had.  

     For a short unfortunate time, Cyklone reached a state of being deceased. During this time Blackbird was the only member and did not bother with trying to recruit further. Most members went inactive and eventually were never heard from again. Lisabeth became MIA and it was deserted. However after being convinced by a friend (iSpyder), Blackbird made some wise decisions which ultimately lead to Cyklone’s revival in early August. Due to this, iSpyder was deemed a founder for her contributions to fixing up the clan.

     Unfortunately in late 2017, internal conflicts caused Cyklone to very nearly reach another death. After an extremely successful attack against a rival leader in another clan (Itami) Blackbird went MIA for personal reasons, leaving Cyklone with 2 members left. The clan was announced to be officially disbanded by Lisabeth in December of 2017.

     When Blackbird returned, he noticed that the GTA 5 crew had significantly grew to 200 members and all Open Skyy members operating in console were active and quite successful. On those grounds, Blackbird decided to bring Open Skyy back to PC once more, renaming it to “Liquid Skyy”.

     Much of the events that occurred between 2017 into 2018 are unaccounted for, however it is known that the server was lost in the chaos that unfolded and along with it, the community itself. However on March 4th, 2020 due to popular demand Liquid Skyy was officially revived and renamed to Skyy Continuum, in which Bry accepted an invite to co-lead with Blackbird. 



Cyklone Clan War Records:

Below is an archive of the battles Cyklone fought in it’s short time lived before transitioning into a community. Please note that Cyklone beat Itami on a technicality (A coupe involving Blackbird and the high-up staff in the game to ban and dispatch the leader’s presence) and The Order was a battle of political influence and cyber warfare. The rest were all physical engagements in-game.

Cyklone VS The Order (2016):Victory 

Cyklone VS DLN (2016):Victory

Cyklone VS Reapers (2016): Victory

Cyklone VS Xeaven (2017):Victory

Cyklone VS Bad Sport Certified (2017):Victory

Cyklone VS j3Tg0dZ (2017):Victory

Cyklone VS Unknown (2017):Victory

Cyklone VS Itami (2018):Victory

Combat Success Rate: 100%



Links: Various links with historical importance