Modern Warships: Exposé


I’m going to be as direct with this as possible. This community is fucking sick. 



      A large amount of concerned people looking for help came to Itami when we first made our debut in the MW community. Word went around of our notorious reputation in other communities, so I assume that’s why they thought we were the police but I digress. We took them in and held interrogation rooms for each separate individual in the Liquid Skyy Discord server. Every single person was cooperative with Itami Officials and gave us all the information and details we asked for so we’d like to thank everyone for that. 



     Due to the seriousness of these allegations and the extent of how deep this rabbit hole goes, the proper authorities will be contacted and everything we have (IPs, emails, names, phone numbers, addresses, social media, some other stuff) regarding the suspects and victims will be handed over in full cooperation. Discord Administration has already been contacted as well as the FBI Crimes Against Children tipline. The owner of this domain will also be cooperating, handing over all logged data for users suspected to be involved. 



     Additionally, we could not have possibly put everything we have on this webpage. It’s a mountain of evidence, there’s so much shit in our possession that we haven’t even finished sorting through it all. We cannot thank everyone that stepped forward enough. 



     We will be focusing on everything wrong with this community, from the lack of account security to the moderators harboring pedophiles to moderators possibly attacking users, mistaking innocent people for their intended targets. 



     DISCLAIMER: All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Please review the evidence here and decide for yourself. Be aware, be safe. 

Important Notes: (Update)

     We have several updates regarding this situation. Please look for the “(Updates)” tag in headlines to find these new updates. 



     First of all, I want to announce our immense success in this endeavor. Arsonist has been removed and banned entirely. He has also gave notice to the Itami leader that he will be going into hiding. As of now, this will be the last of the investigation we’ve conducted. Everything collected after will be submitted and archived. 



     Second, The mod team and the devs have made note that they did not like this going public but that’s too bad. It is and will stay public and we’ll make any further updates public as well. The people in this community have a right to know and they will. As we have already demonstrated, you cannot stop this from coming to fruition.



     A statement was made from an individual representing the developer team. We’ve seem to have gotten the message out there despite the topic attempting to be censored within the MW Discord Server. 



     Finally, it’s been brought to our attention that some of the evidence isn’t authentic. We have received mountains of evidence from numerous sources, some legitimate and others just people holding grudges of bans they’ve received. Naturally this is to be expected. This is the final update and compilation of everything and we’ve done our absolute best to ensure only the authentically confirmed materials made it here. Unfortunately it was brought to our attention some entities may just flat out deny everything and yeah, doing that just further proves the bias you’ve been accused of. You’re going to investigate every ounce of this. At this point we should become moderators, we’re doing your fucking jobs. 

     Oh and just to keep driving this into your heads, this is a team that Kaga; a fucking child; almost took over. This is the team that one of of their members (Davos) had a mental breakdown and shut down an entire channel. When I was there speaking up for everyone in the MW Discord Server, even one of the mods backed me up. This team is not psychologically capable of handling their jobs. They are FUCKING KIDS. Holy shit. This on you Artstorm, how the fuck did this happen?



     They are people performing a task on behalf of Artstorm officially. Whether they are paid or volunteers is irrelevant, they are associates of Artstorm and will be treated as such. Artstorm harbored an accused pedophile and allegedly did everything presented here. Artstorm is at fault. Allegedly, Artstorm has failed to provide a safe and friendly environment for their players. 

Pedophiles & Rapists

      Refer to the images but apparently, some of the members on the Artstorm Moderation Team are under the age and are being exploited by other team members that are over the age of 18. We have also recieved a couple reports of rape and some other serious issues however nothing was supplied to reinforce these accusations. 



     In what world is this behavior okay? Why is it these images are being leaked across the community and supplied to us but it seems like, magically, the senior devolpers know nothing of it? Are they apart of it? We’ll move onto the developers in a second. 


Look at the distrust between these people. The drama, the inappropriate behavior. They are no better than middle schoolers. Sergei, Andrei? Why are you letting teenagers under the age of 18 and people who behave this unprofessionally moderate your server?



They are a reflection of the Artstom company. I am under the impression that they are employees. Are you even paying them? Are they volunteers? Why is there no screening or functioning recruitment process? All of this is your fault.



You have known fascists that openly cyberbully people of different races and glorify the Nazi Regime yet your “staff” are more concerned with abusing their powers on non-issues. Look at these images, see how they talk to each other. It is unacceptable.

MW Discord Moderator (Allegedly) Attacks Innocent Player

An enthusiastic developer with Skyy.Systems made a “nuke bot” that, in theory, would be capable of destroying Discord Servers. Naturally MW Moderators flagged this bot and had it banned and in response, a second nuclear bot was created to show them how pointless their actions were as a social experiment.



Not too much longer, an unrelated situation between Skyy Clan & GODs Clan increased tensions as Mayflower continued to antangonize Skyy Clan Leader “BlvxkDragon”. BlvxkDragon requested permission from Itami to declare war (5v5, 3v3 matches) on GODs, to which Itami approved. It is believed Mayflower got fearful of the nuclear weapons in these two factions’ possession and reported a potential attack to the MW Moderation Team. In response, “BlvxkDragon” was banned. He contacted MW Moderator “Tokyo” to figure out why and immediately after, MW Mod. “Tokyo” seems to have launched a DDoS attack on “BlvxkDragon”, believing him to be the leader of Itami. Under the guidance of Itami Cyber Specialists, “BlvxkDragon” was able to get verification from his ISP that he was, in fact, cyberattacked with packets originating from 17 different countries. Those same Cyber Specialists then gave him advice on how to protect himself.



So now I introduce myself, I am “Ensydeouz BlvxkByrd the Enfymouz”. I am the leader of Itami and I can assure you, if this was you, attempting to attack me won’t go so well for you.

Security Flaws

      Hardly any account security. I am not sure what tools the developers have at their disposal but it doesn’t seem to be much of anything. If they have them, they aren’t using them. There is a massive blackmarket for titled (Hero, Legendary) accounts and people can sign in and out of the accounts with no IP locks, 2FA protection, verifications, rate limits or anything. It’s embarrassing. 

Grey (Updated)

      It was expressed to me by Suzuki that Grey has not been active in a year and a half or so. Is that supposed to make him less guilty or something? Who the fuck cares? Investigate him. He allegedly not only allowed but covered for letting minors on the team. 

60TP (Updated)

      This kid. First he automatically defends Arsonist, then after I educate him he admits he was wrong to do so and backs out entirely. This is a clear demonstration of bias, he wasn’t defending Arsonist because he thought he was innocent. He was defending him because he’s on his team, how is this shit allowed? Are you fucking serious? Not only that but a couple days later he announces complete lies that everything is just one giant hoax. Not only is he full on lying to everyone but he’s trying to cover it up and sweep it under the rug. He needs to GO



     P.S. It’s even funnier when you realize he never gave a motive. He’s insinuating that a whole bunch of people woke up one day and decided to do all of this for literally no reason because it’s not just Itami, almost everything we have was given to us by random strangers wanting to see justice. Itami is just serving as an authoritative mouthpiece. 

Tokyo (Updated)

      He knew. Evidence speaks for itself. 

Amagi (Updated)

      This is something separate to these incidents however I figured I’d include them. Some people believe this is sinister in nature although the exact context is unknown to Itami and this evidence isn’t exactly solid. Decide for yourselves. 


      Liquid Skyy is pulling out of the MW community entirely. Leadership has determined this game and community is not safe nor a positive influence on our own. Itami will watch from afar and report all infractions and criminal activity to ensure the Liquid Skyy communitys’ protection. However it has been agreed that these on-goings are far too severe and need to be handled by criminal investigators.



     Itami has successfully completed our investigations & exposed the entirety of the MW community. We have found that Artstorm thought they were fighting a battle that wasn’t even on-going. They made a failed attack thinking we’d just be another silenced entity. What they did not even remotely suspect is that their cesspool empire of inbreeding and corruption would be exposed and stopped. Another victory for Itami, good work everyone. 



     If you have anything more to report, please speak with an official Itami member in the Liquid Skyy server. Also note that the conclusion to our investigation has nothing to do with any legal pursuits by any other groups or persons. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Thank you. 

      P.S. If you wish to see more evidence, consider stopping by our Discord and requesting it. We have too much stuff to post/ sort and some of it is…. yeah, too graphic for the website. Also keep an eye out because we’ll be adding more over the next few weeks as we sort through more of it.