Nova: Izumi Purchases One-Way Ticket to Cope City

     It has not been too long since the ancient clan Itami made it’s debut in the Modern Warships community and already within that short time, nothing but controversy and waves have been generated. 


     We have many reports and investigations underway and a metric fuck ton of evidence we’re sitting on because, for some unknown reason, everyone has decided to come running to Itami as if we are their saviors. This individual is just a very minor piece in our pile and we figured, shiiiit. Why not expose this loser and get him off our radar? 


     So that’s exactly what we did. Refer to the images, translations are in the captions underneath. We also included some screens of him just being a cocky asshole. 

Translation: "My Gase Team is full of X51 missiles, I have taught them all"
Translation: "Wow dick"
Translation: "How can you admit that you are sick Pepek Puki Mak lu is epileptic"
Translation: "Viska's tournament is also exciting x51 not on the tires time for the VPN + BMT trick"
Translation: "take the viska tour too bro? Wow hard against me"