Zenith Is Scared Horrified Terrified Petrified Aghast of Itami

It all started as a basic troll endeavor for fun. However, I seem to be more persuasive than I thought!


This is Ares, alias "Bismarck", and she appears to be speaking Vietnamese. I translated it & it seems to roughly mean "The bar is very good".  The other is "Tir", her sister. They are both leaders of Zenith. They then invite me to apply, showing I somehow impressed them!

Through the initial interview, he kept asking me what my favorite ship was. He wasn't satisfied with my answer until I named the F126. Serious recruitment bias! Not good!

Laughing at them lmao, he was right!

After much back & forths, negotiating terms, The interviewer (She identified herself to me as an Admiral within the clan) seems to try and pull Leo away.

After trolling, I decided to show my hand and switch my narrative. Lmao.

Trying to play stupid lmfao.

Their submission is now complete.


I pieced this post together very quickly so that's why it's not structured well. There is even more photos and...


... We have some very big news coming that we cannot reveal yet for security reasons but keep an eye on this post for when it gets announced! Also, stay tuned for the many photos also to be added!