Metatron's Cube

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                Metatron is the archangel of life that oversees the flow of energy in an alleged mystical cube named after himself. In the bible, this cube apparently represents all of God’s work. The cube contains every geometric shape in the universe and these shapes are the building blocks for life. This makes sense as geometry and mathematics go hand in and hand and the universe can be described and understood through numerical values.

          5 Platonic Solids

                A Tetrahedron (pyramid) is a three-dimensional structure that can be found within the cube. This is supposed to represent Earth. There has always been something special about this configuration as a great many ancient civilizations have built massive buildings and temples in this form, the most iconic being the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.


                A Hexahedron (cube) is associated with water.


                A Octahedron (diamond) is associated with air.


                A Dodecahedron (?) is a structure consisting of twelve pentagrams formed into a spherical-like object. This is associated with fire.


                A Icosahedron (?) is a a structure made up of twenty triangles formed into a spherical-like object. This is associated with spirit.

                These 5 solids each represent a point on the pentagram and can only be made out of spherical objects using only equal length straight lines with equal shapes and lines that touch the surface. The pentagram is considered an important and even divine symbolism for many reasons, including that is features the Golden Ratio (a ratio between two numbers that equates to 1.618)