Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni

Investigating the acoustic properties of this strange location

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     In between the European and African continents lies an island known as Malta and to the most northern part of southeast Malta rests an archaeological site that once belonged to some of human’s earliest ancestors that is nothing short of a secret waiting to be discovered. From elongated skulls to unexplained paranormal events, allow us to indulge you into just a small part of our ongoing investigation into acoustics. 

     If precision is your thing, the exact location of this site is: Triq Ic Cimiterju Raħal Ġdid, PLA 1116, Malta (35.86968347444159, 14.506848504508138). This is Malta’s Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni and is a bronze age alleged sanctuary constructed approximately 5 or 6 millenniums ago. Cave, labyrinth, chamber, temple; call it what you will but there is no confusing it’s mysterious acoustic properties.

     The Hypogeum is capable of resonating soundwaves at a frequency of 110 hertz, as discovered by Ruben Zahra, a Maltese composer, and an accompanying research team. It is said standing within feels like standing inside a giant bell. Soundwaves are amplified and seemingly vibrate everything in the body including even your bones/ 


Carved out of globigerina limestone, the structure consists of 3 levels and they are as follows:

Malta Hypogeum X
Malta Hypogeum IX
Malta Hypogeum VII
Malta Hypogeum XI
Malta Hypogeum VIII
Malta Hypogeum II
Malta Hypogeum VI
Malta Hypogeum III
Malta Hypogeum IV
Malta Hypogeum I