El Chupacabra

     The Chupacabra (Spanish for "Goat Sucker") is a scientifically undocumented dog-like creature that has been sighted across the Central America region and is blamed for the thousands and thousands of strange animal attacks. The Chupacabra has sparked interest in Cryptozoologists, Scientists and regular people alike ever since it was first spotted. Footage and photos of the creature have come out over the years, among the most shocking of the group being dashcam footage of the creature being chased by a squad car. It might even be possible we have already captured it as you will soon see in this article covering the Chupacabra.

      First sighted in Puerto Rico in the year 1995, the sighting was attributed to the deaths of 8 sheep of which all had puncture marks and their blood drained entirely. It is believed that Chupacabra's diet consists of mostly blood as nearly all reported victims (mostly farm animals and pets) have had the same characteristics of a Chupcacabra attack: Puncture wounds and their blood drained. There have been other reports where the creature has even targeted people's pet dogs. Instances such as owners letting their dog go out only to run outside when hearing them bark and growl violently, witnessing them fighting with this creature and other instances where they have had the misfortune of finding their furry friends lying dead, either having been too late to save them or unaware they were attacked.

     Fact or Fiction? Well, let us take a look at the first sighting in 1995. The first eyewitness, Madelyne Tolentino, was interviewed about the sighting and the description she gave matched the description of a creature called Sil in a science-fiction horror movie that was released the same year. Additionally, the victims of the Chupacabra have never actually received a necropsy which would be the only way to determine if the animals had actually been drained of blood or not. A veterinarian who had had examined the bodies of the victims had claimed that the carcasses were not deprived of their blood. It's also been speculated that the sightings of Chupabras are most likely Coyotes with a parasite called Sarcoptes Scabiei, a mite that can cause the traits so often accompanied with descriptions of the Chupacabra.

      All of these points are often used to debunk the Chupacabra however let's take a look at these. First of all, the description first given in the interview in 1995 could have much been Madelyne comparing the creature to what she felt was most identical. Often times when people see something they cannot explain, they instantly try to identify it using things they are already famaliar with. We see this with everything and everyone. As for blood still being present in the bodies of victims: Just because there is still blood in the body doesn't mean that none of it was ever drained. No official testing was ever done to prove that this was the case. The only point here that has any validity is the parasite, but that could also just be coincidental.


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