Mongolian Death Worm

     Somewhere deep in the Gobi Desert lies a terrifying creature that attacks all whom have had and will have the terrible misfortune of coming across it's path. Olgoi-Khorkhoi, or the Mongolian Death Worm. Allegedly having the capability to shoot acid at it's victims from it's mouth as well as the ability to electrocute them, according to these specifications we can see why the locals have come to rightfully fear this lethal beast.

     The worm has been included within many novels which only attributed to the awareness of it's existence and that infamy has invoked many people to enact on their urges to launch expeditions to locate the worm in the South-Western region of the Gobi Desert, where it is believed to reside.

     While many locals and researchers believe the worm exists and is out there lurking about in the desert, there are some questions about it's existence, naturally of course as it has never been officially documented. Every single expedition dispatched to locate the worm has failed, the investigators having returned empty handed.

     In 1983, a species of the Tarter Sand Boa was shown to some locals and they had confirmed that the snake which inhabits the Gobi Desert was the Mongolian Death Worm they had believed to exist.