H A M P T O N    C O U R T   P A L A C E

The Hampton Court Palace is Constructed

     Hampton Court Palace was constructed in 1515, making the palace over 500 years old. The palace is located just 12 miles southwest of central London, upstream on the Thames River. In 1529 the palace was given to King Henry VIII and he immediately began expanding it. It would see even more expansion by King William III in the following century. The Palace’s old age combined with it’s rich history can leave you only imagining the amount of energy held within the walls, both residual and present.

     If you are interested in seeing this palace for yourself then I have good news for you. You can arrange to visit and take a tour of the Palace on their website: Hampton Court Palace

The Ghost of Catherine Howard

     Daughter of Lord Edmund Howard, Queen Catherine Howard was the 5th wife of King Henry VIII. She was married to him on July 28th, 1540

at Oatland’s Palace. King Henry VIII was 49 years of age and she was only 17. In November of 1542, Catherine was stripped from her title of queen and confined to her room for a couple days after King Henry VIII had learned she had committed adultery. It is said she had escaped to go beg her former husband to spare her life, having ran through the Haunted Gallery and the Great Hall, however she was caught before she could see him. She was then sent to the Tower of London (not too far from the Hampton Court Palace) for execution, where she was beheaded.

     Her spirit has been sighted in the Palace. They say her spirit can be seen at night rushing through the Great Hall as she had done in 1541. She stops suddenly, wringing her hands and shrieks despairingly, then returns and disappears at the entrance to the Haunted Chamber.

The Spectre of Silverstick Stairs

     A sad white wraith carrying a lighted taper is said to be Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour. She died from post-birth complications at Hampton Court, only a few days after delivering Henry’s longed-for son, Prince Edward. While delighted with his male heir the King was devastated at the sudden loss of his ‘perfect’ queen.

     A pale figure is reported to appear on the Silverstick Stairs, which once led up to a room in which Jane gave birth, and died, on the anniversary of Edward’s birth in October 1537.