Pesquet's Parrot


     The Pesquet's Parrot (Psittrichas Fulgidus), more commonly known as the Dracula Parrot, is a parrot (species of bird) and the only known instance of it's genus. The Dracula Parrot is an endangered species, ranked as vulnerable by the ICUN and this is due to a combination of over-hunting and habitat loss. There is an estimated 20K-50K of these beautiful creatures and they can only be found in New Guinea.

     Habitat & Behavior

     Dracula Parrots can only be found in New Guinea which is an island located about 80 nautical miles (150 Kilometers) north of Australia. They can be found in the cloud forests within the foothills and lower mountains of the island. Little is known about their breeding habits however it's usual for them to lay about 2 eggs in very large nests. They may be spotted in groups of 20 birds.

     Body & Diet

     The Dracula Parrot can weigh around a pound (500-600 grams) and can be around 20 inches (50 centimeters) in length. The bird is covered in plumage ranging from a black head and neck, greyish-blackish chest and red belly and wings. Females have a vulture-like hooked beak and only males are known to have red circles under their eyes. It consumes figs as well as different flowers, fruits and berries. It is known to be nomadic in sync with the fruits in-season.