Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911

     Disclaimer: Before we get into the actual Desert Eagle 1911, I'll also be giving a short background to the two guns this great combination is modeled with. Seems only fitting and it's also to help our less gun-savvy friends who may stumble upon this article thinking it's cool as fuck. It is, though. Can you really blame them?

     The Desert Eagle has been made famous through it's several appearances throughout Hollywood, having been in movies including The Punisher, Robocop, Armed and Dangerous, Year of the Dragon and even having been used as Agent Smith's personal sidearm in the Matrix movie series. It has also been in video games, most notably CS:GO and Battlefield 4. Considered one of the most powerful handguns ever built, you can probably kiss your arms goodbye trying to fire the .50 Caliber model. There's also a lesser known 10" barrel variant, you'll also see that below too.

     First built in 1911, the Colt 1911 is the most widely known handgun out of them all. The design has been copied by many throughout it's lifetime and has been embraced by many both in the military world and the civilian sector for it's compact design and stopping power, using a .45 ACP cartridge. Durable and reliable, the 1911 has seen combat in well over 20 wars including World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. If a soldier would rely on it to stop tyranny for nearly a century than you can bet you'll want it to keep you safe, too.

     The Desert Eagle 1911 Comes in three models:

     1.) DE1911GSS

          5.01" Barrel
          8.63" Length
          5.25" Height
          2.2 lbs. Weight
          $830 - $950

     2.) DE1911CSS

          4.33" Barrel
          5.25" Length
          5.00" Height
          2.1 lbs. Weight
          $830 - $950

   3.) DE1911USS

          3.00" Barrel
          6.85" Length
          5.00" Height
          1.6 lbs. Weight
          $950 - $1,100

     All models are chambered in either 9mm or .45 ACP. All model series 70 slide and frame rails are machined to aerospace tolerances which allows for accuracy matching any and all custom firearms. Featuring stainless match barrels, G-10 grips, zero creep light triggers and a stainless beavertail grip safety these Desert Eagle 1911s are offered in Chrome Moly and Stainless.

     You may find more information and purchase these fine weapons on the Magnum Research website: