Original tale has it as this: in the 1730s there was a woman who had twelve children, sharing a home with them deep in the forest. in the years 1734-1735 she would become pregnant once more and from the frustration she would have cursed the child. on a dark stormy night jane leeds would go into labor with her friends at her side. she would give a natural birth to a healthy child only for it to turn into a horrid creature, growing hooves, wings and a forked tail. the creature killed everybody in the home and escaped out of the house through the chimney. it would forever inhabit the dense, dark swampy woods now called the pine barrens.

     Deborah Leeds is often thought to be the actual name of Jane Leads due to the fact that in 1736 her husband, Japhet Leeds, had named 12 children in his will. Another interesting fact to consider is that they had lived in what is now Leeds Point, which is also within the Pine Barrens.

     1909 was a big year for the Leeds Monster, aka the Jersey Devil. Sightings stretching over the week of January 16th - 23rd, from not only all of New Jersey but neighboring states, were pouring in. This includes an attack on a Trolley Car in Haddon Heights and at a Club in Camden. Camden Police apparently had fired at the creature and later on, Police In Bristol, PA would have also fired their weapons at the creature.

     Sightings were so widespread that the Philadelphia Zoo had put out a 10,000 Dollar hit on the creature. Many groups would go on to fake and stage killing the beast, making fake renderings of the creature in order to claim the prize money.

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