Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to serve as a quick look into “Fighter Jets World” and question the website’s credibility and make readers aware of the false, twisted and misleading information they publish.

     I have had my eye on this publisher for awhile. The publisher frequents Facebook aviation groups and spam posts their published fabricated articles. With a quick look through their recent articles, some appear to be genuine and well written, while others are absolutely absurd and poorly executed in the delivery. 


A Recently published article displaying the absurd grammatical and spelling errors that can be frequently observed on their website, not to mention the article is also vaguely suggestive

   Additionally, the website publishes alot of articles that are clearly set to oblige by a certain geo-political agenda. Everything from articles with suggestive anti-american texts demeaning American-made technologies with misinformation and the lack of credible evidence. 

     Below you will find some examples of recent articles displaying the previously described: 


    You would think that they are referring to maybe Turkish officials, such as high ranking Turkish military or maybe even Turkish politicians, right? Not even. They took random comments from the YouTube video they linked on the article. That’s what this whole article is about, what some random YouTube commentators think of the F-16 and the SU-35.


     Other articles like this are clearly meant to both sir up emotion and to serve as clickbait to attract more attention to their website. If you do not know, this article is referring to Donald Trump’s approval to deploy American troops to provide support to Saudi Arabia’s air defenses at the country’s request.

  For those who are unaware, Operation Desert Storm was an American air-based offensive that kicked off the start of the Persian Gulf War after Saddam Hussein refused the United Nations’ request to withdraw from Kuwait.

     As you can see, the current issue literally has nothing to do with the Desert Storm operation yet the article uses the terminology “Desert Storm II” to spark up attention and debate. The publisher of this Article deliberately used speculative terminology with the sole intent to clickbait.


     There is no author credited on any of the articles and after some looking around, it doesn’t seem anyone could be identified and held to be the creator for this website. A simple WhoIS of the website was ran and that information has also been hidden away. 


Many hosts will offer the ability to hide away domain registrant information, which is what the owner of Fighter Jets World has opted to do

     This covers Liquid Skyy’s quick look into Fighter Jets World. The way it seems, if there was nothing to suspicious about the evidence wouldn’t be there. However this is the evidence I gathered from a very quick look at their website. If I could gather all of this from a 5 minute look, imagine what more incriminating evidence there is to support the claims that have been made here.